Eelsnot CEO Paying it Forward! Join me in welcoming the future!

Hey everyone! Welcome to the mind of the CEO of Eelsnot! As you know I love to Pay It Forward as a business, A product called Eelsnot and entrepreneur. I have been doing a lot of reflecting and almost every one of you know, my business is my passion. Many of you also know that i developed and hosted a series of live videos via FaceBook discussing the business of Eelsnot and the processes i have taken to get Eelsnot to where it is today. The last series was a direct look at the process and steps for new entrepreneurs to lean on and hopefully be guided to a more successful business startup.

Those of you that watched just one episode know that i am very passionate about sharing what i have learned and what i WILL learn to anyone who wants it. Its my way of not only giving back, but inviting you directly into my life and my business as well as my passion.

I am here to tell you, that spirit has only grown. Taking a little time away from that medium has allowed me to search other avenues of sharing and paying back. I want to develop a dialogue with you. The people that fire me up to keep learning and having something worth sharing. I will be updating this blog here so please comment and share your ideas.

Every organized institution began with a group of people that just got together and discussed the thing they were passionate about, (i.e. Universities, Churches, Corporations, etc.) just to name a few.

Understand i have always vowed to be authentic, open and candid. I will ALWAYS keep those defining factors at the top of the content selection and delivery. I am not sure of the exact content so you will have to just come by and check it out! Lets grow together and see what we can create…like a team should! Comment below if you want the benefits of working together, learning together and growing your ideas and businesses together.


Toby S. West


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