Eelsnot Boat Therapy 4oz

Eelsnot Boat Therapy is an eco-friendly hydrophobic compound that shields surfaces from direct contact with water. Eelsnot Boat Therapy retards marine growth on hulls at the molecular level. You will go faster. By reducing drag so efficiently, Eelsnot Boat Therapy has been shown to reduce fuel consumption by up to 25 percent.
Without using harsh chemicals, Eelsnot Boat Therapy will rid your hull of unwanted slime and growth with simple wipe and spray action.
Eelsnot Boat Therapy protects wood, copper, aluminum, fiberglass, epoxy, gel coat, rubber, polypropylene, and nearly any other surface for four to six months. A 20 oz. tub of Eelsnot Boat Therapy will cover a 30 ft boat through two applications. That’s 12 to 18 months of protection.
We have been applying eelsnot to boats since it was first invented. Let us apply it to your watercraft with the care and expertise that you can trust. Click here for more information.

We were established in the summer of 2006 with the creation of eelsnot board therapy. Using multiple concepts from several industrial fields we created the perfect formula to make all vehicles in the water move faster and more efficiently.With our passion for skimboarding and surfing we decided to share our creation with the world. Eelsnot is made for watermen by watermen to enhance the enjoyment of our time in and out of the water.Eelsnot is designed to keep the mariner in his / her element and not in the laborious task of cleaning, scraping and/or fixing our investments. Also, eelsnot is designed to reducing the carbon footprint being left in our precious ocean by the 6 billion dollar marine industry that continues to grow. We are intensely dedicated to improving on this.

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