FAQ (frequently asked questions) – Eelsnot

1. What is it / what is it made of?

Eelsnot is an environmentally safe compound that is super slick and adheres to most any surface. It shields that surface from direct contact with water, promoting more efficient and greater speed.

2. How long does eelsnot last?

Eelsnot lasts four to six months per application depending specific use and conditions.

3. What does eelsnot do actually?

Eelsnot forms an impermeable barrier to water at the molecular level, reducing friction during movement. Eelsnot retards marine growth and other contaminants that would impede maximum speed.

4. Will eelsnot work on anti-fouling paint?

Eelsnot is effective with and will not harm anti-foul painted surfaces. Eelsnot will complement any coating on your vessel.

5. Will eelsnot work on ablative paint?

Eelsnot is not recommended for ablative paint, due to the properties of ablative paints. They are designed to release from the hull of a boat in which eelsnot will release with it, thus giving your eelsnot coating a very short life. Also, ablative paints are designed to be soft. The surface you apply eelsnot to must be firm enough to rub on eelsnot.

6. What else can I put eelsnot on?

Eelsnot is designed for underwater use. The idea behind the use of eelsnot is to keep water from coming in contact with a surface. This not only increases speed, but it protects the surface from oxidation or deterioration. Eelsnot also has a small amount of UV protection to help keep your boat hull from fading. Eelsnot can be used on all watersports boards, boat hulls of all types, pontoon hulls, dock pylons, propellers, running gear, trailers, trailer rims and all metals for marine use. We are constantly testing new areas of use for eelsnot based on customer questions, please contact us for more information or ideas of use.

7. Where can I buy eelsnot?

Check out our website at www.eelsnot.com. (you can also buy it from Amazon.com and various vendors on and offline. Check the “Partnerships” tab for more information

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