October 26, 2016

Universal Lubricant

eelsnot® reduces friction and decreases wear to all your moving parts. Use it on your tough to move vinyl windows or your old wooden drawer tracks and much more. Eelsnot® is cold and heat resistant, working efficiently in subfreezing temps to over 400 degrees. Eelsnot® will even protect as it works with is UV protectant qualities.
eelsnot® will last many months in some applications¬ and it adheres to fiberglass, epoxy, gel goat, s-glass, wood rubber, polypropylene and anything else. This gives you the freedom to use it anywhere you need less friction or drag.
eelsnot® was created for the surf industry to increase the speed of all boards on and in the water. Eelsnot® in its paste form, lasts longer than the competition performs better in all environments and rejects water, (which causes corrosion) more efficiently than anything on the market today. In the spray form, designed specifically for a standard household, shop and boat lubricant, eelsnot® has proven its superiority in all around use and safety. The entire eelsnot® line use the same state of the art ecofriendly and recycled technology.
Every component in eelsnot® is bought and paid for in proudly in the USA, we will never outsource any part of our company or product overseas. We believe very strongly in building our economy here in America where and when we can.

We were established in the summer of 2006 with the creation of eelsnot board therapy. Using multiple concepts from several industrial fields we created the perfect formula to make all vehicles in the water move faster and more efficiently.With our passion for skimboarding and surfing we decided to share our creation with the world. Eelsnot is made for watermen by watermen to enhance the enjoyment of our time in and out of the water.Eelsnot is designed to keep the mariner in his / her element and not in the laborious task of cleaning, scraping and/or fixing our investments. Also, eelsnot is designed to reducing the carbon footprint being left in our precious ocean by the 6 billion dollar marine industry that continues to grow. We are intensely dedicated to improving on this.

Universal Lubricant


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eelsnot® reduces friction and decreases wear to all your moving parts. Use it on your tough to move vinyl windows or your old wooden drawer tracks.

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  1. Troy Simmons

    I just used this on a old SR40C Ruger. It changed the game for this gun. Clips slide in and out super easy. It cocks so much smoother than it did with oil. It stays cleaner longer, no oil is needed.
    If you have the chance, replace ypur oil with this product. It is a game changer.!!!!!!! Well worth the money. And it will cover 2-3 heavy used guns over a year with one small bottle… its awesome…..

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